2008 Official Selections

NeutralJoe ChangTop Grit Award

To My Great Chagrin: The Unbelievable Story of Brother TheodoreJeff Sumerel; Big Grit Award

Team Picture Kentucker Audley; Big Grit Runner-up

Dick/George, Tenn/TomGideon C. Kennedy | Marcus RosetraterShort Grit Award

DornStar TV – Nate Dorn; Short Grit Runner-up

Robot High SchoolMichael McClendonYoung Grit Award

First PeriodAllyson Schwarz; Young Grit Runner-up

Ice Traums – Axel Forrester; Helen Hill Award

Elaine DriveRobbie LandExperimental Grit Award

Carnival PicaresqueDave Greber

Chicago, 1981Rick Pukis

Creating DiscourseClint Litton

Dam BikesRick Pukis

DollpartsJason Hawkins

Greensboro: Closer to the Truth – Adam Zucker

Immokalee USAGeorg Koszulinski

L’Hippopotame Vert FTW!Edward Phillips

Louis & AnneAustin Alward

Redemption Stone – The Life and Times of Tom LewisTom Dziedzic

The Dog HouseJeffery Driggers

The Piggly Wiggly HorrorEmily Harrold

Unfettering the FalconsLaura Kissel

X-GenMatthew Long