2010 Official Selections

RocaterraniaBrett Ingram; Top Grit Award, Southern Lens Award

American JihadistMark Claywell; Big Grit Award

Passenger PigeonsMartha Stephens; People’s Grit Award

Two DowntownCara Hagan; Short Grit Award

Lauren Gregory’s TVLauren GregoryHelen Hill Memorial Award

Sylvia and GeorgeCara Clark; Young Grit Award

Spitty – Pheobe Bush; Experimental Grit Award

Grit ChitSimon Tarr

Greener in Their Prime – William Stewart

Scene 32Shambhavi Kaul

Divorcing God/Holy Vows – Maggie Sargent

Satyritown: SurREEL in CabbagetownRose M. Barron

Poor AudreyLydia Moyer

Chiaroscuro, BabyAnthony Kilburn

Lollipop, Don’t Be a Hero Jennida Chase

You Had to Be There Thom Southerland

A Size 18 in SequinsRebecca Boyd | Blake Garris | Bryan Fetner

TempoR Salant

Open Five Nick Case

The Golden MallardJon Jones

Cops – Brad Boll

ChieflandGabriel Tyner

But I’m FrenchTerry Roueche

CrippledIen Chi

This is Not a Pipe BombGeorg Koszulinski

Downers – Milton Hall

Eharmony Spoof Spot – Fisherman 32Ryan Cockrell

Preach Jacobs & Denz – FallingRyan Cockrell

Pecan Pie, Granny StyleRyan Cockrell

We Fun – Matthew Robison

Ichthyopolis – Andre Silva

Sweet Georgia BrownHodges Usry

All That’s Left in My Grandmother’s Garage – Stacy Greenberg

Chimney SwiftsLiz Vaughan

Elements of TimeDavid Montgomery

Movement – Phillip Soellner

Eaten – Anne Haydock

Page 1 of 1Russell Roe

B is for BeerBrian Harmon

Brother MicahKevin Wells

Made from GlueLucas Sams

A Day OutDylan Knight

Order Up – Maggie Sargent

Ben Jack: How to Get Your Stache Back – Mark Phillips

Swim – Chip Moore

Spaceman – Nicole Triche

Clementine – Joseph Binder

S.O.B and the Legend of Alan SchaferJesse Berger

Cotton Hills Farm – James Hughes

DownStartTV: Ep 5.2 – Nate Dorn

Ross Mackenzie’s Redemption on the West Texas Barbecue TrailAdam Tate