2014 Indie Bits

Indie Bits, a one-day celebration of independent gaming and interactive media, took place on Tuesday, April 15th at the Nickelodeon Theatre. Combining the festival format with video games, there were a great number of game developers and enthusiasts alike in attendance.

Game enthusiasts at Indie Bits 2014

Arcade games, insight into game development, workshops with game developers, and games up on the big screen were all aspects of a very educational and fun day of video game culture.

Gaming community at Indie Bits 2014

In addition to pizza and lasers, there were live performances from Atlanta indie rap artist Tribe One, as well as Clemson EDM/hip hop outfit We Roll Like Madmen. With a colorful and electronic aesthetic, both acts were very well-suited to accompany the pixelated visions that flanked the performers during the video game exhibitions.