★ Opening Night

On Friday, April 11th, Indie Grits conjured up the ultimate 2014 Indie Grits kick-off party featuring musicians Rachel Kate of Nashville, TN and Shantih Shantih of Atlanta, GA and a surprise local act, Lashes, presented by GIRLS ROCK Columbia, who hosted the event and spread their undeniably ebullient vibes via live screen printing. Taking place in the private, back-parking-lot behind the Nickelodeon Theatre, there was lots of space to relax, eat, drink, and enjoy the music. The sheer number of attendees who came to get the Indie Grits ball rolling perfectly set the explosive tone for the days to come. Click here to learn more about the music at this event!

Catering was provided by:
Paradise Ice Italian ice, sorbets, and organic frozen custards
The Wurst Wagen, a German sausage cart offering the best of German sausages made by a real German master butcher
Bourbon, a new whiskey bar coming to Main Street brought us some Cajun-Creole dishes made by local chef, Kristian Niemi
Village Idiot, a whole lot of pizza from one of Columbia’s best pizza joints


IMG_1096★Pizza Party at the Whig


On April 16th, at local pub, The Whig, had what scientists would refer to as a pizza explosion for festival goers. Oodles of free locally-renowned pizza slices were given away to all who attended, giving patrons a chance to hang out, have a few drinks, and listen to a DJ, and socialize amongst the filmmakers. Thanks to its excellent atmosphere and close proximity, it was an ideal spot to hold something so sacred as a pizza party.


★ Closing Night

And so our party journey comes full circle, with the epic Closing Night celebration. Taking place on Saturday, April 19th, at the Empty Ol’ Bank on Main St. Though Indie Gritees had been through day after day of excitement, they still had just enough energy to create a firey dance floor where party people loosed any remaining devils to the tunes of DJ Alejandro.



Flanked by visually compelling animations from VJ Patrick Nugent, there was also free food and drinks supplied for all who attended. Finally, before the party ended, we were all surprised to find that someone let slip word of the party to the notoriously dastardly Tier One Wild Hobo Clown Tramps of Charleston, who came in, full force, bringing along with them their goofy and oftentimes inappropriate antics. Needless to say, their unique presence was a welcome and outrageously fun addition to what had been an already interesting and outrageously fun festival.



Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 6.50.38 PM