Indie Grant Films

Date: Saturday, April 19
Time: 12pm-1:30 pm
Place: Nickelodeon Theater

Since 2010, the South Carolina Film Commission and Trident Technical College have funded and produced South Carolina short films through their Indie Grants program. Past Indie Grants shorts have been honored by the likes of Sundance Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival, FantasticFest, LA Film Festival and DragonCon. And now Indie Grits is giving South Carolina audiences the chance to be the first to see this year’s projects, through a special advanced, works-in-progress screening.

For more information on the program, including upcoming funding opportunities, visit


INDIE GRANTS_Last Night at the Ellington

Written and Directed by Geoffrey Gunn

When the managers of the Ellington learn their classic movie theater is closing to make way for a new megaplex, they come up with a plan to shut the Ellington down in style.


THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH (7 min) Music Video/Experimental

INDIE GRANTS_Masque of Red Death

Written and Directed by Stephen Boatright

When a terrible plague descends upon a small but wealthy kingdom, Prince Prospero gathers his closest sycophants and hides from the horror in his tallest tower. But in the midst of another extravagant masquerade, a mysterious figure appears to remind the revelers of the terror they’ve been running from.



INDIE GRANTS_Dustin & Hoffman

Written and Directed by D.P. Jones

The nature and knowability of reality: A comedy.


COFFEE DATE (10 min) Comedy


Directed by James Edward Tilden; Written by Henry Snyder and James Edward Tilden

Ted and Alice arrange to meet over coffee. Expecting a nice, low-key first date they get more excitement than expected.