Rice for Sale

Date: Friday, April 18
Time: 5 pm
Place: Tapps Art Center
Film Block: Experimental Doc Shorts
Genre: Experimental Documentary


Rice for Sale is an experimental tale distorting Bali’s modern world into a historical account depicting the demise of its former cultural motto, “Rice is life.” This non-traditional documentary manipulates the every day livelihood of various parts of the island, forming a ten-part film with a clear progression of the cultural, economic, and geographical change Bali has endured. These ten wordless vignettes, all 16mm in-camera edits with no post editing, are strung together to compose a two-part mythological venture down the heavenly mountain toward the demonic sea, culminating at the site of the 2002 terrorist bombing.

Directed by Brendan and Jeremy Smyth of Chapel Hill, NC

31 min