Old South

Date/Time: Thursday, April 16th @ 5:30 pm
Place: The Nickelodeon Theatre – Downstairs
Playing with: Welcome Home, Fayetteville Observer; Pearl Pistols
Genre: Documentary Feature

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On one block in Athens GA, two communities steeped in history – one black, one white – strive to keep their respective legacies relevant in a changing American South.

Hope is 30 years old and fighting to save her historic African American neighborhood from encroachment by an elite white college fraternity, one known to fly a confederate flag and hold an annual antebellum parade.

Since the post-racial glow of the election of Obama, and now in the aftermath of Ferguson, everyone’s talking about race. But is it really so easy to speak openly and honestly? Or to change? “OLD SOUTH” provides through a quiet unfolding story, a window into the underlying dynamics of race relations that influence not just the South, but many American communities.

Directed by Danielle Beverly
53 min