2015 Future Perfect Art Opening

2015 Artist List
Date: Thursday, April 16
Time: 6:00PM – 9:00PM
Place: 1500 and 1600 blocks of Main Street – Nickelodeon Theatre, Tapp’s Arts Center, ONE Columbia, Nothing To See Here (1216 Taylor Street), Free Times Gallery, CMA Community Gallery, Richland Library

Come and join us Thursday night as we celebrate Future Perfect and our first full-fledged art program at Indie Grits. We have invited and commissioned over 20 artists to the festival from across the Southeast region and beyond. This is the night that they will be hanging out with their work prepared to speak about their intentions and process, answering questions, performing their pieces, and well….just having a good time.

Visitors can join our special guided tours led by a few pretty awesome figures from the Columbia art scene. This will guarantee the best, most comprehensive experience possible as the guides will lead visitors to each venue where the artists themselves will give talks and answer questions with a few sprinkled in special performances!


All tours are FREE and will start at the Nickelodeon Theatre!

This tour will be led by festival co-director and Future Perfect curator, Seth Gadsden. Get the inside scoop from the man with the plan as Seth leads a raucous tour filled with daring and delight.

This tour will be led by Cindi Boiter, editor-in-chief of JASPER, the Columbia-based arts and culture magazine.  Cindy is a huge supporter of the arts in Columbia and a big believer in the importance of an interdisciplinary arts community. She will be sure to lead a magnificent tour.

This tour will be led by Lee Snelgrove, executive director of ONE Columbia for Arts and History. Along with being one of Columbia’s biggest champions of the arts, he and his organization are a big part of the Future Perfect backbone. Lee was a part of the Future Perfect curatorial team, and the One Columbia office is hosting the visiting artist collective, The Institute for Wishful Thinking. Lee also played a major role in securing the mural wall at Taylor and Main for this years Future Perfect mural.

Grab a map!

Want to choose your own adventure? Just grab one of our art maps and let your heart — or your discerning eye — lead the way.

Must See Special Events:

6:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Institute for Wishful Thinking Workshop
ONE Columbia, 1219 Taylor Street
At this workshop, the IWT will ask visitors of all ages to color and transform a broad selection of coloring book style line drawings or to fill in connect the dot images made from photos of Columbia, South Carolina and its environs. These drawings, which represent South Carolina’s past and present as well as possible futures, give participants the opportunity to build, un-build, shape and reshape regional space according to whatever time (past, present, future) frame they choose.

7:00 PM – A Night with Oversound
Nothing To See Here (1216 Taylor Street) 
Oversound, an annual poetry journal edited by Columbia’s Liz Countryman and Samuel Amadon, hosts a reading by contributors to the magazine. Oversound‘s first issue, featuring poems by Rusty Morrison, Tomaž Šalamun, Andrew Zawacki, Ross Gay, and others, was published in September of last year. This event features Elizabeth Arnold, whose collection of poems include LifeEffacement, and Civilization all from Flood Editions and The Reef (Chicago); and Travis Nichols, who is the author of two books of poems See Me Improving (Copper Canyon Press) and Iowa (Lettermachine), and two works of fiction, Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder and The More You Ignore Me both from Coffee House Press. More readers will be announced closer to April.

8:00 PM – The Naive Zoo with Benjamin Tiven
Columbia Museum of Art Auditorium
This multi-projector performance by Benjamin Tiven will re-stage the beginnings of cinema as a hand-animated bestiary. Moving along at a steady, human frame-rate, the natural and the technical will fuse together, showing us a future that looks exactly like our past, but isn’t quite the same. Submersibles that move like jellyfish; elephant trunks that run assembly lines; kangaroos that help us hop things around.