Don’t Forget the Pocketwatch

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 15th @ 7:00 pm; Saturday, April 18th @ 2:30 pm
Place: The Nickelodeon Theatre – Downstairs
Film Block: People Portraits
Genre: Student Documentary Short

Buy Tickets: April 15th @ 7:00 pm

Buy Tickets: April 18th @ 2:30 pm

Don't Forget The Pocketwatch

Eunice Harvey is a perky and spirited Tennessean that knows no strangers. She met her husband, Doyle, in high school and married him by the age of twenty the day after Christmas. Their love was put to shocking halt when Doyle lost his battle with lung cancer, leaving Eunice a single mother of three at the age of fifty-three. In this documentary short, Eunice recounts the steps she made to move forward, including a new marriage, a divorce, and moments of unchangeable regret.

Directed by Courtney Gibson; Knoxville, TN
5 min