Grace’s One and Only Casseroni

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 15th @ 7:00 pm – Downstairs; Saturday, April 18th @ 2:30 pm – Downstairs
Place: The Nickelodeon Theatre
Film Block: People Portraits
Genre: Documentary Short

Buy Tickets: April 15th @ 7:00 pm

Buy Tickets: April 18th @ 2:30 pm


In the summer of 1964, Frank Groce got a new stepmother. A white woman from the hills of Kentucky, Grace knew a thing or two about wonder beans and healthy eating. She would make Frank a special spinach casserole so he could be tough like Popeye in case any boys at school tried picking on him for having an interracial family.

Directed by Kavanah Anderson; Durham, NC
6 min