The Ballad of Holland Island House

Date/Time: Friday, April 17th @ 1:30 pm – Upstairs; Saturday, April 18th @ 4:30 pm – Downstairs
Place: The Nickelodeon Theatre
Film Block: Heritage in Drift
Genre: Animated Short

Buy Tickets: April 17th @ 1:30 pm

Buy Tickets: April 18th @ 4:30 pm


Animated clay paintings tell the true story of the last house on a sinking island in the Chesapeake Bay off the coast of Maryland. Through an old time musical ballad, the house sings of its life and the creatures it has sheltered during its journey from tree, to timber, to home, and its return to nature at the bottom of the bay. The house contemplates time, environmental change, and the rising of the seas.

Directed by Lynn Tomlinson; Owings Mills, MD
4 min