The Department of Signs and Magical Intervention

Date/Time: Thursday, April 16th @ 3:30 pm – Upstairs; Saturday, April 18th @ 9:00 pm – Downstairs
Place: The Nickelodeon Theatre
Film Block: Summoning the Supernatural
Genre: Short

Buy Tickets: April 16th @ 3:30 pm

Buy Tickets: April 18th @ 9:00 pm


Captivated by a beautiful stranger on a trolley, Aidan Crane misses some key signs that might have saved his life. Arriving at the Department of Signs and Magical Intervention, he is put to work sorting through the requests from the living for signs from above. When he accidentally sends a sign to the one person who shouldn’t have received it, he is sent back to fix his mistake.

Directed by Melissa Sweazy; Memphis, TN
19 min