2015 Artist Call for Proposals

Deadline for proposals has been extended to December 19!

Starting in 2007 as a DIY film festival for a tight-knit and dedicated audience, the Indie Grits Film Festival has grown into a staple of the city’s cultural life, giving novice to advanced media makers a venue for sharing their interest in independent media making, while also giving thousands of visitors and locals access to a progressive cultural life unmatched in the Southeast. Indie Grits brings together over 70 filmmakers, dozens of gamers, a diverse plethora of musicians, wild puppeteers, and over 12,000 festival attendees. We strive to foster a creative community that embraces serious debate and discussion while still being able to throw down and dance into the night.

Every year Indie Grits brings more and more visual artists into the festival with the hope of rethinking our public spaces and encouraging our festival-goers to experience ideas in new ways. With many venues across Columbia hosting a wide range of events including a robust film program, concerts, parties, panels, workshops, puppet shows, comedy events, and more, there is a lot of opportunity for visual experimentation and spatial exploration with varied installations of art. In 2014 Indie Grits celebrated its first artist-in-residence program, and this year we received a prestigious Our Town Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts which is enabling us to launch our first ever full fledged call for artists.


Future Perfect

The theme of the 2015 Indie Grits Film Festival is Future Perfect. The theme will lead programmers and inspire all of the visual aspects of the festival from design, to panel discussions, to site-specific installations. Future Perfect will resonate throughout the festival.

What is Future Perfect? Future Perfect is the new southern city, urban design for tomorrow in a technological environment, cars that drive themselves, plastic biology, thought-controlled machines, seeds that produce sterile offspring, invisible cities, roads that drain the sun, utopian daydreams, eminent domain, an electric imagination, drones, highly efficient minimalism, living architecture………Future Perfect is what we will make it.


Guidelines for Artists

We are looking for artists to draw inspiration from the theme and from the history of the Indie Grits Film Festival. Check out our archives to get a feel for Indie Grits and the types of films, art, and music that make up our diverse history. We are looking for installations, sculpture, video, paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, etc.

Download the application: Future Perfect Proposal

Fill it out and submit it with all of your materials to futureperfect@indiegrits.org

EXTENDED Deadline for proposals is December 5 December 19

Applicants will be notified by January 16

All applicants or their work must have a connection to the Southeast, US. It is up to each applicant to make an argument for a valid connection.

There is no cost to apply.

Multiple proposals are allowed and collaborations are encouraged.

All accepted artists will receive a Festival Pass.



All applicants must have a connection to the Southeast, US. It is up to each applicant to make an argument for a valid connection. ALL disciplines of art are acceptable: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, sound, video, installation, mixed-media, etc. Artwork can be pre-existing, but it must have a connection to the 2015 theme of Future Perfect. In the application each artist must describe how their proposed work ties into Future Perfect.


Installation and Timing

We will work with each artist individually to coordinate installation and deinstallation of artwork. Timing for installation and deinstallation will depend upon site and venue and may vary from artist to artist. There is a list below of the various venues and sites available. Artists may propose art for a specific site, but our programmers will ultimately find suitable sites for accepted proposals. There are a range of spaces from traditional gallery space, to window fronts, to outdoor spaces like alleys and courtyards. We will provide support for the install of traditional work, however installation artists will be expected to install and uninstall their own work. We will provide physical support as needed.



We ask all applicants to provide a budget in the above application for all proposals and entries. Indie Grits will provide modest financial support to all artists who are accepted in order to facilitate shipping and installation and other incurred costs. Always remember that the Indie Grits Film Festival is a program of the Nickelodeon Theatre, a non profit institution with a tight budget; we ask that all artists put forth an effort to hold down costs. We will select 15-25 artists/collaborations. Projects will receive $50 – $1000 with most being on the low end of that spectrum.


Sites and Venues

• Columbia Museum of Art (Community Gallery)

Mine-Cine (video art for a theatre inside of a shipping container that will be in the courtyard of the Columbia Museum of Art)

Tapp’s Art Center (Indoor Gallery)

• Tapp’s Art Center (outdoor courtyard)

Tapp’s Art Center (Window Spaces)

Mural Wall at Taylor and Main Street

ONE Columbia Lobby

ONE Columbia Window

• Nickelodeon Lobby

• Anastasia & Friends Gallery

• additional spaces (alleys, parking lots, window fronts, etc.) may/can be acquired depending on the proposals