Converge SE 2015

JUSTLETMEKNOWBRUHIFTHISWORKSFor 2015, we partnered with Converge SE. Converge is essentially the blowing of the ram’s horn for all disparate factions of webfolk across the world. Created over six years ago, it aims to serve as a point of convergence for designers, developers, front-end engineers, marketers, business leaders, start up companies, film producers/directors as well as old and new-school creative types. It is a multi-track, multi-day event that spans across downtown Columbia, SC, getting help from over 600 people from all across the United States and other continents. Not only is it a great opportunity for networking and education, it’s a prime example of our various communities coming together to push Columbia’s potential to the limit. There were keynotes at the Music Farm – filled to the brim with storied adventurers and life-changing orators that will push you to grow as a professional and explore unknown territory. Many gathered to listen to leaders and others at the top of their field tell stories built to challenge and inspire in one of Columbia’s newest large-scale venues.

As well, Converge brought opportunities for more in-depth coverage of topics from graphic and responsive design to JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, marketing, management, and everything in between, in the form of sessions and workshops. While the sessions involved a deeper dive into technical subjects, workshops were more long-form educational opportunities with a hands-on emphasis, pertaining to a range of technical focuses taught by the best educators the industry has to offer.


“Converge SE is the conference for those who want to build a beautiful web. It’s for designers with a free heart and a love of details. It’s for the developers who code for joy and are filled with a passion for technology. It’s for the love of the web and the love of our community. Converge SE is for you and me and everyone.”

-Converge SE