Kindie Grits is a totally free event presented by the South Carolina Governor’s School of Arts and Humanities that welcomes kids and families of all ages. For 2015, on Saturday, April 18th, we utilized markers, magazines, glitter, and other crafty tools to animate directly on a 16 mm reel, and played it all back at the end of the day on an old-timey projector! All of this was led by award-winning Indie Grits alumnus Kelly Gallagher, an animation expert who delivered a magical experience!

Below, check out a video from 2014 Kindie Grits!

The footage is from two workshops that were part of Kindie Grits in 2014. The animation workshop was lead by Charlotte Taylor and let kids cut, paint, and create animated adventures. The indie gaming workshop, led by JJ Shepard, challenged kids to make an indie game in two hours or less. Oh, and there was pizza! Both workshops were a blast!