A proud first-year partnership for the tech side of things at Indie Grits, POSSCON was a technical conference with a focus on exploring open tech and the open web–with the world’s top developers, technologists and decision-makers exploring these tech avenues. Two days of keynotes, talks, tutorials, workshops and networking opportunities were abound in Columbia, SC, all spanning the various facets of an open technological world – such as back and front end development, security, and operations. Taking place just before Converge SE, POSSCON more than sufficiently helped us round out the Tech portion of Indie Grits.

“Since 2007 POSSCON has consistently attracted the top technologists and decision makers in the U.S. Names like Scott McNealy, Matt Asay, Chris Wanstrath and Scott Chacon of GitHub, Larry Augustin, Lee Congdon, Leslie Hawthorn many others. POSSCON 2015 was a tremendous educational and networking opportunity, all for a tremendous value.” – POSSCON 2015