2015 Weekly Revue

Date/Time: Friday, April 17th – Doors & live music @ 9:00 pm, show @ 10:00 pm
Place: The Big Apple, 1000 Hampton Street, Columbia, SC 29201
General Admission: $10
Cash bar provided by The Whig!

*FREE with Festival Pass!

Buy Tickets: April 17th @ 9:00 pm

Screen shot 2015-02-25 at 1.11.13 PM Get ready Columbia! The Weekly Revue is coming back to Indie Grits! Hosted by the actor, comedian, and master of ceremonies, Toby David, the Weekly Revue oozing in juicy fun is returning for a second straight year to dazzle, educate, and entertain. This hodgepodge, variety show designed by David “to edify and romance the people” hails from New Orleans and is produced by Court 13, the production company that brought us Beasts of the Southern Wild. Toby David presents the Revue as a sort of curated open-mic with a wide range of performances. The show can really confuse the senses, presenting acts that can be funny, sexy, provocative, complex, serious, and confounding.

“My themes are science, religion and history,” says David. “So when I’m trying to have a theme for the show, it’s about continuity through a mass distortion of the truth. What I’m trying to do is shine these truths on the mouth of a cave.”

Indie Grits programmers are teaming up with Toby to curate a line-up just for Columbia. One thing we’re excited about is “Ad Biz Mad Libs” – wherein a commercial is created/edited/crafted throughout the entire show based on suggestions made by audience members.

House Band:

This year’s musical accompaniment is provided by The Restoration!

The Restoration

These Lexington, South Carolina natives produce concept albums steeped in the strong storytelling tradition of the South. Don’t miss out on their weird, wonderful tunes.

Special Guests:

Tom and Judy Turnipseed

Tom is a former member of the SC State Senate known for his liberal activism, particularly within the civil rights movement that he had once opposed. Tom and his wife Judy work at Turnipseed & Associates law firm.

Tom and Judy








Effy Gibbes

Effy is a championship wrestler / “weapon of sass destruction”.













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