Avi Jacob

Performing at the Back Alley BBQ
Sunday, April 17th, 1 PM-4 PM
Location: Nickelodeon Back Parking Lot

Avi Jacob croons with the tender depth of a mossy well, the blues of his soul always burning through layers of instruments, amplifiers, and what-have-you, surefire.

The honesty of his words, the truth of his world, are all held close to the chest, full-weight, when he performs. Troubadorially self-sufficient, he has grown to incorporate other musicians and band members to amplify the reality of his folk tunes–while doing nothing to erase their loneliness. Sprinkled with growls and hidden intensities like a sparse country thunderstorm, Avi’s persona and voice, overall, remains old-souled, measured, severe. You can click on to his website to see his wonderful work, with videos and more info!