Dear Blanca

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Performing at the Indie Grits River Concert
Saturday, April 16th, 12 PM-8 PM
Location: Gervais and Gist Riverwalk

True-blue home-town sweethearts Dear Blanca exclusively perform acts of tenderness and rock/roll when they take the stage–making use of minimal instrumentation, howling earnest love, and storytelling to make sense of incomprehensible truths.

Syncopated and existentially frustrated, Dear Blanca has assured their place in Columbia’s collective arms because of this honesty, vulnerability, and cohesive effectiveness. As an apparatus for transporting weird amorphous feelings about aging, regret, missed opportunities, and loss, from hearts to ears, they have achieved complete scientific precision. The greatest example of this lives in their latest release: I Don’t Mean To Dwell, which is more than worth a listen or two. As well, Dear Blanca had a music video that got into the Indie Grits festival last year, with the song Boulders, which you can see below, with Steven Anthony Lawrence, known by many as Beans from the coming-of-age sitcom Even Stevens. This year, however, we’re more than proud to have the real thing in the flesh, (Dear Blanca, that is, not beans, sorry).