Grace Joyner

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Performing at the Back Alley BBQ
Sunday, April 17th, 1 PM-4 PM
Location: Nickelodeon Back Parking Lot

Grace Joyner is a powerhouse of intimacy, and a vessel for snaking melodies that leave a true impression on all who listen.

She isn’t to be called a siren because that is to imply malicious intent, deception, with troublesome sexist undertones. But if the definition simply alluded to a voice like a tractor beam, attracting all with its mellifluous sublimity, it would be apt. Previously providing harmonious vocals for bands like Brave Baby and Elim Bolt, the Charlestonian Joyner began breaking out with her own songs in 2014, with the release of Young Fools — a rumination on hurt and healing. Joined by Nick Jenkins, an employee at the Nickelodeon, her band elevates her songcraft to full and generous heights. Check out the EP, and catch this Papa Jazz Live Session (a stripped-down video series featuring a local Columbia record shop).