She Returns From War


Performing at the Spork In Hand Puppet Slam
Sunday, April 17th, 1 PM and 3 PM
Location: Nickelodeon Theatre

She Returns From War, a beauty-folk feel-heavy heartsploration project helmed by Hunter Park, is a gem of the South Carolinian americana tapestry.

Simultaneously cosmic and intimate, her woeful and biting tunes leap out of pages of those old romantic novels about murder and free-will — the type of book that surprises you with its contemporary voice, despite an antiquated backdrop. Supported by a band of mega-talented folksters, her songs deliver nourishment to ponderous hearts everywhere,delivered with a vocal intensity as striking as their lyrical content. The scoop is this: bandcamp the last couple of albums, or hear her even more current LP debut, “Oh, What A Love” — coinciding with her recently appointed #1 spot on the Best of S.C. Music list produced by the Free Times, Columbia’s free weekly.