The Difference Machine

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Performing at the Indie Grits River Concert
Saturday, April 16th, 12 PM-8 PM
Location: Gervais and Gist Riverwalk

The Difference Machine matches old-school hip hop with astro-school psychedelica, making use of extradimensional mischief, universal manipulation, and boomclap.

True sons of the ATLien race, these flow creators experiment with a symphony untethered to space-time, with a digital soul and ferocious gall.

There’s not much else I can say that could compare to their self-description found on their facebook, so here’s some of their music, with that beautiful and descriptive prose below.

From a distant star in the universe, came an unlikely source of strength. When humans look at the stars they don’t realize that their light is millions of years old. Traveling inside of one of these beams of light was a pod. This pod was composed of elements foreign to the earth and its chemical makeup was some sort of twisted arrangement of metals bonded into strands of DNA. Nobody knows exactly why this pod was headed to earth, but upon entrance into the planet’s atmosphere, the pods foreign elements mixed with those of the earth and created a blaze so brilliant, that from land it looked like there were two suns in the sky. The pod crashed in to the earth’s surface, sinking the city of Atlanta underneath the ocean. This was 7777 years ago. Since then, a new Atlanta has been constructed near that ocean in the state of Georgia. As the pod lay at the ocean floor, strange things began to happen. The pod began to unravel. Lights started flashing on it and weird beeps could be heard for miles away. Slowly the motherboard on the pod began running start-up programs. Next were protocols and data analysis. Before long this pod had transformed as to what could only be described as some sort of metallic shape-shifting craft. It began to move. As it moved, its memory protocol just updated. Analysis showed that 35% was corrupted. Soon the answers to the essential questions started coming in. The what? It was a DM model 00-00 in Earth language. The where? It had been sent from a distant star in a cluster known as the intergalactic belt of Psycho Arminus. As this craft tried to access the what and the why, it was met by disk read errors. “Unable to locate file.” As it read its profile, it located various weapons, all consisting of sonic charges. Things such as frequency maximizers and multi-band compression filters were found all over its body. It traveled towards land as it did its sensors detected life forms. This is where the story begins.