2016 Short Films

Narrative Shorts

invisible-i-am, directed by Harriet Showman

Jasmines, directed by Joshua Rainwater

Rootbound, directed by Reuben Bloom

Thunder Road, directed by Jim Cummings

Rouler, Sonner, directed by Harry Bartle

Documentary Shorts

Un Buen Carnicero, directed by Victoria Bouloubasis

Beneath a Glass Floor Lobby, directed by Lisa Danker

The Boatman, directed by Zack Godshall

The Boombox Guy, directed by Dust of the Ground

The Bugg Farm, directed by Christine Anthony and Owen Masterson

Collinsville Trade Day 1988, directed by Charles and Jason Keener

Cotton Country, directed by Emily Harrold

The Curse and the Jubilee, directed by Ivete Lucas and Patrick Bresnan

The Dinner, directed by Sarah Vollman

The Exceptionally Extraordinary Emporium, directed by Lindsey Phillips

Frogman, directed by Tyler Trumbo

Getting Old, directed by Nathan Honnold and Haley McManus

The Hollerin’ Contest at Spivey’s Corner, directed by Brian Gersten and Liv Dubendorf

I Am Yup’ik, directed by Daniele Anastasion and Nathan Golon

The Interior, directed by Jonathan Rattner

In This World, directed by Kelly Creedon

Lamp: A Ghost Story, directed by Thomas Southerland

Nascent, directed by Lindsay Branham and Jon Kasbe

Peace in the Valley, directed by Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher

Rotatio, directed by Ian McClerin

The Send-Off, directed by Ivete Lucas, Patrick Bresnan

Spearhunter, directed by Luke Poling and Adam Roffman

Tempo of Tomorrow Revisited, directed by Annie Gibson and Josh Gibson

Animated Shorts

I, Destini, directed by Destini Riley and Nicholas Pilarski

Glove, directed by Alexa Lim Haas and Bernardo Britto

Experimental Shorts

16mm Sound Film, directed by Aaron Kutnik

A Meeting, In Light, directed by Anna Kipervaser

Big_Sleep™, directed by Evan Meaney and Amy Szczepanski

Black & White In Color, directed by Julianna Thomas

Body Contours, directed by Kristin Reeves

From Ally To Accomplice, directed by Kelly Gallagher

Target, directed by Nick Bontrager

untitled, directed by Bonne Fee

War Prayer, directed by Richard Wiebe

Music Videos

Bang – Jon Waltz, directed by John Merizalde

Blood Letting – Blood Warrior, directed by William S. Davis

Purple – Silk Duck, directed by Josh Yates

Student Shorts

Colored, directed by Sydney Key

Everyone Is, directed by Jonathan Rasmussen

Freak of Nature, directed by Danny Flores

Miss Addie Johns: Brewton, AL, directed by Hamilton Young Ward

The Movie About My Father, directed by James Owens


The shorts in our Social Disparity block aggravate the activist impulse in all of us, inciting action and inspiring optimism among audiences hungry for social progress.

Non-Competition Shorts

Indie Grant Films, a joint effort between the South Carolina Film Commission and Trident Technical College, teams up South Carolina scripts and stories with top production professionals.

New Orleans Sazerac, directed by James Martin, which will be shown at a private screening at the Indie Grits VIP Party!