Big Freedia


Performing at the Indie Grits River Concert
Saturday, April 16th, 12 PM-8 PM
Location: Gervais and Gist Riverwalk

The Bounce Queen of New Orleans, The Queen Diva, Big Freedia is a beacon for the boogie, and a cultural force in the south.

A Big Freedia concert features, oftentimes, scores of dancing folks from all corners of all walks of life to her bounce music– “a vibrant twist on hip-hop, characterized by call-and-response lyrics over rapid-fire beats and booty-shaking.”

United by the big bounce, young and old gather ’round to welcome the electric, buoyant vibes into their bodies. Notable for her Big Easy injection into Beyonce’s game-changing “Formation” video (preaching the virtues of slaying and cornbread) — Big Freedia has been an unofficial ambassador of the true southern raucousness to the rest of the world. As well, Big Freedia contributes to the already burgeoning New Orleans presence at Indie Grits this year, with films, film subjects, and Nola’s unrepentant prodigal son, Toby Lou of the Weekly Revue.

Author of “Big Freedia: God Save The Queen Diva”, the eponymous star of the most popular reality show in Fuse TV’s history, and an unrelenting pioneer of New Orleans bounce, Big Freedia’s presence in our festival will be absolutely positively seismic.