Location: 1216 Taylor Street
Date/Time: April 14, 15, 17 from 12 PM – 8 PM // April 16 from 12 PM – 6 PM

WATER ME, an interactive video game by Cecil Decker, Chris Johnson, Danny Oakes, James Owens, and Michelle Skipper

A resident of Columbia, SC tends for their indoor plant during the historic 1000 Year Flood of 2015.

After the dams broke, much of our city was inaccessible. The streets were drowning. Bridges collapsed. The drinking water supply was tainted. Many were fortunate enough not to lose their homes, yet still forced to spend days disconnected from everything. There was not a lot to do.
The primary driving force of a video game is player action. The power to move the scenario forward, or to linger in an experience. WATER ME undermines player agency by creating an impossible scenario.

You have one week. You must water your plant, or it will die. If you water your plant with contaminated tap water, it will die. You can extend the life of your plant with alternate water sources, such as rainwater. However, with no fresh water your plant will die.

To keep your plant alive.

The game is divided into seven day-phases. Each day-phase repeats a cycle: water plant, listen to the radio, look through the window. Progress through each day-phase is controlled by the player.

Computer keyboard and mouse, or USB gamepad.