Free Times Gallery

Where: 1534 Main Street
Date/Time: April 4 – 30, M – F, 10am-5pm daily
April 14-15, 10am-8pm
April 16-17, 12pm-8pm

Flooded, a multi-media installation by Jordan Young

There is perhaps no greater means of observing the first-hand experiences of individuals impacted by the flooding than social media. Aggregating these moments offers a glimpse of the collective experience. In partnership with fiber sculptor Susan Lenz and USC Professor of Mathematics Dr. Jerry Griggs, Jordan Young represents data from the Waterlines Flood Archive sculpturally, discovering hidden patterns underlying the collective experience. Visitors will be able to interactively navigate among first-hand video accounts of the events while exploring the macro perspective of the social media maelstrom in three-dimensional space.

Photography by Joshua Yates

2016 Indie Grits Filmmaker-in-Residence and 2015 Experimental Grit award winner, Joshua Yates, is creating an autobiographical film document inspired and guided by the October 2015 flood. Following his personal experience involving an early morning cabin rescue, Yates has been working on an oral history project consisting of audio-only interviews with community members who were affected by the flood. In this exhibition Yates has selected a group of photographs that feature portraits of the community members in his oral history project.