Video/Sound Installations

The Waterlines Project features public video and sound installations across several venues scattered around the 1500 and 1600 blocks of Main Street.

Waterway, a single channel video projection installation by Lauren Greenwald

Where: the facade of 1612 Main Street (Solid Gold Beauty Supplies)
When: April 14-17, 7pm-12am daily
An exploration of South Carolina’s waterways and landscape, how we move through them, and the ephemeral quality of those movements. The combination of archival footage from the last century and current video forms a collection of images, an experiential depiction of this environment. This piece explores not only the natural waterways in the region, but the paths and routes created for water by man, as well as the destructive floodplains of the recent natural disaster.

Sound and Video Installation by Daniel Machado

Where: Indie Grits Queue, 1621 Main Street
When: April 14-17, 1pm-9pm daily
This sound piece scales down the timeline of events in the flooding, from the start of the rain to recession of the floodwaters, to a 10-minute structurally-accurate audio composition. Within this structure, the piece explores textures and musical expressions that seek to both represent the factual happenings of the flood while expressing the emotional state of the flood’s victims and bystanders, including the perspective detached news consumers.

Anatomy of a Flood, a 3-way video projection installation with sound by Wade Sellers

Where: 1216 Taylor Street
When: April 14, 12pm-8pm ⇔ April 15, 12pm-4pm ⇔ April 16, 12pm-8pm ⇔ April 17, 12pm-4pm
With this short film project, viewers are immersed in the shared experiences of individuals affected by the recent flooding in Columbia. The experimental exhibition format intercuts three elements: testimonials of flood victims recorded on the location of their personal loss, archival footage of rising floodwater, and an educational video explaining what is happening during specific phases of the flooding. From this approach, a recognized commonality between the viewer and those telling their stories presents itself.