2017 Shorts Blocks

El Sur

In My South, directed by Rodrigo Dorfman
A Day’s Work, directed by Danielle Calle
La Comida de los Cocineros, directed by Victoria Bouloubasis
La Danza, directed by Rafael Cordova & Tharun Karakattu
South Texas Cow Punk, directed by Carlo Nasisse
For Senator Graham, directed by Seth Gadsden & Amada Torruella


The New Nostalgia

Sweet Love, directed by Stephen Crompton
35mm Monsters, directed by Remington Smith
All Skate, Everybody Skate, directed by Nicole Triche
Girls Zui Side – “Sad Life”, directed by Jennifer Miville
Bygone Barns, directed by Matthew McFarling
Regreso, directed by Rodrigo Dada
House of Saints, directed by Gerry Melendez
Checkers in the Afternoon, directed by Emily Harrold


Everybody Dies

Field Notes, directed by Vashti Harrison
White Death, directed by Robert Collio
J. Cole – “Everybody Dies, directed by Scott Lazer
Black River, directed by André Silva
Death, directed by Gabriela Badillo
Dim Blood, directed by David Zonana
Wave Iteration, directed by Anna Spence


Future Vision

August, directed by Caitlyn Greene
They Charge For The Sun, directed by Terence Nance
PEDAZOS, directed by Alejandro Peña
Radio Road, directed by Warren Lewis Allen
Letter to a Distant Future, directed by Georg Koszulinski
Frontier Journals 08: Antipodes Rising, directed by Georg Koszulinski
LONGSHOREMAN, directed by William S. Davis
Blua, directed by Carolina Charry Quintero
StarBenders – “Time Stops”, directed by Benjamin Roberds


Hometown Heroes

Jonah Stands Up, directed by Hannah Engelson
The No Hand King, directed by Patrick Shanahan
My Bones are Singing, directed by Dust of the Ground
Paloma, directed by Giovanni Autran
Get Out Fast, directed by Haley Elizabeth Anderson


Oaxaca (non-competition)

Cuckold Picasso, directed by Lance Larson
Las Nadadoras de Villa Rosa, directed by Josefina Recio
Little Syria, directed by  Francisco Sánchez Solis
Brother in Midnight Sun, directed by Lars Persson
Save, directed by Iván Sáinz-Pardo
Glass House, directed by Erik Ivar Sæther, Nicolai Berg Hanssen
Schirkoa, directed by Ishan Shukla
Cuerdas en la Vida, directed by Gerardo González Pérez
Hugo Bumfeldt, directed by Éva Katinka Bognar


Femme Frontera (non-competition)

Memory Box, directed by Angie Reza Tures
La Catrina, directed by Illana Lapid
Child of the Desert, directed by Iliana Sosa
Undocumented Freedom, directed by Laura Bustillos Jáquez
The Appleseed Project, directed by Jennifer Lucero 
Overland, directed by Jazmin Harvey