Visiones: Artist Call for Proposals

Starting in 2007 as a DIY film festival for a tightknit and dedicated audience, Indie Grits has grown into a multidisciplinary arts festival showcasing the best in cutting edge Southern culture. At the heart of each festival has been the artistic drive to push our city forward, through activating underused spaces, programming though provoking work and tackling themes of relevance to our community. Giving thousands of visitors and locals access to a progressive cultural life unmatched in the Southeast, Indie Grits brings together filmmakers, visual artists, gamers, a wide array of musicians, wild puppeteers, cultural organizers and over 12,000 festival attendees every year. We strive to foster a creative community that embraces critical debate and discussion while still being able to throw down and dance into the night. This year we received funding support from The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, The Surdna Foundation and The National Association of Latino Arts and Culture to launch a call for Latinx artists in the Southeast.


The theme of the 2017 Indie Grits Festival is Visiones. The theme will lead programmers and inspire all of the visual aspects of the festival from the festival’s design and art performances/exhibitions, to panel discussions and film selection. Visiones is inspired by the rapid migration from Latin America, which is changing the face of the Southeast. South Carolina has the second fastest growing Latino population in the United States. More than half of Latinxs in South Carolina have ties to Mexico, followed by Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Colombia. Unfortunately, Latinxs remain the targets of xenophobia, discrimination, and anti-immigration policies nationwide. In the conservative South, this is even more the case; what is even more troubling is that this social turmoil has created a grave discrepancy between how Latinx culture is perceived and what it exemplifies.

The festival co-curators offer the following curatorial statement:

“Visiones focuses on individual artists’ visions for the future of the Latinx community and Latin Americans around the world. Latinx and Latin American artists are responding to technological and cultural advancements in innovative and timely ways, making it even more important to define our place in the art world and society in our own way. It is crucial for our community to exchange ideas, build strong ties, and express the depth of our culture through the creative arts.”

Through the theme Visiones, we seek not only to bring Latinx culture into the light, but also to celebrate it. Visiones will provide new opportunities to redefine Latinx and Latin American culture and make a new vision for the future possible.

Visiones Art Program: An Art Demonstration

Inspired by Latinx stories, voices and reasons for migration from homelands, we will be showcasing a variety of visuals. There are limitations as these works will be utilized in a series of public demonstrations. Artworks will need to be mobile and designed to be a part of public gatherings. It is ideal if projects are participatory.

Along with the selected works, we will host a series of public workshops led by local artists concluding in a large weekend screenprinting workshop. In these workshops, artists and other members of the community will be invited to tell their stories and create artworks in the form of screenprinted demonstration signs.

Sites and Venues

There will be four different public art demonstrations – one for each day of the festival – in four different public venues in Columbia, SC including the 1600 block of Main Street (in front of the Nickelodeon). All members of the community are welcome to be a part of the demonstrations.

Guidelines for Artists

We are looking for artists to draw inspiration from the theme and to explore the concept of identity. We are looking for personal stories that redefine what it means to be a part of the Latinx diaspora experience; we understand that the Latinx experience is complex so we want pieces that demonstrate the heterogeneity of the Latinx community and/or the Latin American region.

Project proposals may include but are not limited to: installations, mobile sculpture, video, paintings, drawings, photography, writing samples, spoken word art, performance art, mixed media, etc.

Indie Grits 2017 Visiones Application

Fill it out and submit it with all of your materials to
Deadline for proposals is December 16
There is no cost to apply.
Multiple proposals are allowed and collaborations are encouraged.
All accepted artists will receive a Festival Pass.


All applicants must have a connection to the Latinx or Latin American experience and a geographic connection to the Southeast, US. It is up to each applicant to make an argument for a valid connection.

Artists from all disciplines of art are encouraged to apply. In the application each artist must describe how their proposed work ties into Visiones.