Don Chico con alas (Don Chico with Wings)

Presented by Facto Teatro, a Mexican theater troupe composed by Alejandro Benítez, Sofía Sánz and Antonio Cerezo, Don Chico con alas is a story about a man who lives in the mountains of Chiapas, México. To travel from one village to another he must come down the mountain, cross the jungle and the river and then climb up the opposite hill. The road takes many hours and is hard work so he decides to build a pair of wings out of reeds and palm to fly across. Don Chico con alas is a history of ingenuity, creativity, surrealism, and human adventure, which reminds us that–for some–the sky is the limit.

Adapted from the short tale by Mexican writer Eraclio Zepeda

Date: Saturday, April 22
Performances at 11:00am and 3:00pm
Place: Columbia Marionette Theatre
401 Laurel Street
Price: $5 (Tickets available at the door!)

There is no required age. This performance is open to all ages.