Weekly Revue

with your personal rabbi, Toby Lou!

When: Friday, April 21st
Doors and music at 8:30pm
Revue from 9:00 – 10:30pm
Where: 1216 Taylor Street

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Greetings from your Personal Rabbi, Toby Lou, of the Weekly Revue. As you must know by now, I would never lie to you. I would never candy coat the hard bits or beat around your bush. We are living in a time of great difficulty and surging darkness. These times call for new strategies, because–let’s face it–lying in bed alone all day guzzling trash from the Internet has simply not worked. It may have seemed reasonable at one time, but that time has passed.

Now is the time to gather together, to get out of the sheets and into the streets. And also out of the streets and into the Weekly Revue. But why? What does the Revue have to offer you? NEW VISION! New perspectives, new ideas, and some very old ones that might be worth remembering in the new new right right now.

That’s right, folks. The Weekly Revue will be participating in this year’s theme, Visiones. I’ll be passing the mic and sharing the stage with performers and presenters and preternaturally gifted Visionistas!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? Certainly not me. But let’s face it together when it comes. What’s happening exactly at the Weekly Revue this year? I’m not telling. But if you’re willing to put your bodies close to mine that night, I can guarantee you a show you’ve never seen before. If every day comes with new, horrible revelations, let the Weekly Revue be a delightful surprise.

– Toby Lou,
Your Personal Rabbi

Not appropriate for children. Graphic language and content.



Shey Rivera, artistic director at AS220, with a multi-media performance.
DACA Recipients who will join us to share their stories.
And much much more!

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