Date/Time: Friday/April 17th @ 11:00 pm 1:00 am
Place: Hunter-Gatherer
Playing with: ET Anderson, Sharpless
General Admission: $5.00
*FREE with a festival pass

Bellows2Bellows is a Brooklyn, New York band consisting of four cool cats, Oliver Kalb, Gabby Smith, Felix Walworth, and Henry Crawford. Their sound is very coming-of-age, with harmonics, lyrics and melodies that elicit a very innocent tone. Each song is pretty delicate, often depicting adolescent moments sung in a hushed voice that compliments the overall instrumental atmosphere. Bellows has been around since late 2010, and originally was started as a project by the lead singer, Oliver, who did the recording in various bedrooms across the country. Although their fans describe their songs as music that suits best for lone train rides, there certainly is no harm in giving them a listen at Indie Grits.