ET Anderson

Date/Time: Friday/April 17th @ 11:00 pm
Place: Hunter-Gatherer
Playing with: Bellows Sharpless
General Admission: $5.00
*FREE with a festival pass

ETandersonJust recently formed in the womb of Columbia, SC’s music scene, ET Anderson are the Harlem Globetrotters of bands. Made up of five elite gentlemen with outstanding talent, ET Anderson, Alex McCollum, John Fowler, Bobby Hatfield, Michael Crawford are essentially giving us high doses of a highly concentrated music substance that is blowing up faster than they probably had predicted. They are a fusion of many genres such as garage punk, 60s psychedelic, and a tinge of r&b, however this combination is a lot more relaxed than you probably had imagined. Since they’ve been on the radar, they’ve been going back and forth between North and South Carolina getting their name out there, so we’re incredibly excited to be able to get to showcase them during Indie Grits.