Everywhere Here

Come trail after the filmmakers of Everywhere Here–­­ a group of artists whose humane, hypnotic expeditions venture deep into new, uncharted territories of feeling, traversing landscapes both foreign and familiar and documenting unusual experiences the likes of which you’ve never encountered before. These compassionate, astutely observed life studies smudge the national and emotional boundaries restraining our unbridled empathy.


Tolo Martinez, Cliff's Meat Market, Chapel Hill, N.C., 2014. From the Vittles film Un Buen Carnicero.

Un Buen Carnicero, directed by Victoria Bouloubasis


Nascent, directed by Lindsay Branham and Jon Kasbe


I Am Yup’ik, directed by Daniele Anastasion and Nathan Golon

Courvosier Cox, 14, poses for a portrait while playacting in his invented character of a fry cook in his home in Durham, N.C., on September 9, 2014. Cox’s broad cast of imaginary characters are part of his dream of becoming a successful performer and moving beyond the social and economic limitations he faces in his current reality.

In This World, directed by Kelly Creedon


A Meeting, In Light, directed by Anna Kipervaser


The Interior, directed by Jonathan Rattner