2016 Art

Our theme for Indie Grits 2016 is Waterlines.

For this year’s festival we want to work with filmmakers, visual artists, performance artists, musicians, journalists, and all other creatives, within the theme.

On October 4th, 2015, South Carolina experienced catastrophic and unprecedented flooding, dam breaks, and bridge failures as the result of record amounts of rainfall. In the aftermath, lives were lost, many were left without water, transportation, jobs, or even a place to call home. The response from the community was tremendous. The first responders and good samaritans of the affected areas contributed the much needed essentials. However, the social implications, the stories, the feelings of shock, fear, resilience–need contextualization.

There’s a need for a sort of artistic journalism, direct documentation and an abstract analysis revealing the imagery invoked before, during, and after such a catastrophe. From the unique charity of an imperiled community, to the panic of failing dams, to the scars that promise to remain for years to come, the theme urges artists to explore the figurative origin and path of this disaster’s impact on our city.

This theme is not exclusive to our city or the recent flooding. We know that Waterlines has various meanings, and we want to encourage proposals from across the South East that explore this theme.