Hometown Heroes


Thursday, April 20th at 2:00 pm
Friday, April 21st at 7:40 pm

Intensely moving and occasionally melancholy, the films of Hometown Heroes celebrate the free spirits, magnetic personalities, and enigmatic figures that lend our southern cities character. Iron-willed and fiercely independent, with liberated world views that serve to awaken the complacent around them, these Hometown Heroes inspire with their unbridled creative energy and manic desire to see their dreams realized. A collection of absorbing life studies that brim with hard won, unflagging optimism, the documentary and narrative shorts of Hometown Heroes challenge audiences to live more authentic lives. Indomitable and undaunted, our Hometown Heroes chart their own course, and in so doing encourage others to do the same.

Columbia based musician Aaron Graves refuses to give in to fear after a horrific diagnosis, renewing his dedication to songwriting in an effort to combat emotional demons. The Indie Grits regulars at Dust of the Ground buoy with My Bones are Singing, an invigorating profile that insists on the redemptive power of art. Creative self-expression as a means of freedom from illness persists with Hannah Engelson’s uplifting documentary short Jonah Stands Up. A visual artist, standup comedian, and one-time New Orleans mayoral candidate, wheelchair-bound Jonah Bascle flouts the limitations of muscular dystrophy, empowering others to reconsider the boundaries of the possible. For the bewitching “Coyote Boy” at the center of Haley Elizabeth Anderson’s electrifying coming of age short Get Out Fast, an uncertain, unglamorous life on the road is infinitely preferable to a rigid small town routine.
Patrick Shanahan’s documentary portrait of the fiercely ambitious No Hand King invigorates with its chronicle of one man’s quest to satisfy an unusual (and seemingly impossible) world record while biking along the North Carolina coast. Giovanni Autran’s sun-dappled travelogue Paloma concludes Hometown Heroes with a chorus of voices from the streets of Havana, Cuba, delighting in the simple joys of love and friendship in a city as yet unsullied by the forces of modernization.


Jonah Stands Up, directed by Hannah Engelson
The No Hand King, directed by Patrick Shanahan
My Bones are Singing, directed by Dust of the Ground
Paloma, directed by Giovanni Autran
Get Out Fast, directed by Haley Elizabeth Anderson


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