Indie Grits Fellows

Building off of our first artist residency in 2014, Indie Grits began commissioning the work of artists to create new works interacting directly with our Columbia community. These artist would gather on a monthly basis, exchanging ideas, collaborating, and tackling major societal issues as a group. That approach encouraged a collaborative community of artists to create work around a common theme using a wide range of disciplines and approaches such as painting, filmmaking, game development, community organization, horticulture, music, storytelling, sculpture, and photography.

Eventually, these Indie Grits festival themes became focused, incubation projects–changing with each group of artists. In “Waterlines” (2016), artists took on the October 2015 floods that devastated parts of S.C. In “Visiones” (2017), artists explored the rapid immigration from Latin America that is changing the face of the Southeast. Developing these projects has grown into a year-round process of research, discussion and creation.

The fellowship for 2018 features artists creating work for the Two Cities project. The project will focus its activities in North Columbia, seeking to promote an open, inclusive, and welcoming dialogue through vibrant social events and original, place-based works of art with an eye towards social practice artworks, community collaboration and sustainability. By engaging artists and community members in a collaborative incubator, Two Cities is exploring how racial and socioeconomic factors define our experiences and interactions within our shared city.

This fellowship of artists is a different animal every year, producing work that is challenging, engaging, and always incredible diverse.

Past Fellows:



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