Julie Henson

2015 Exhibiting Artist
Venue: CMA Community Gallery

Julie Henson

Artist Statement:

Parallel Horizons is an exhibition of new works from an ongoing project by Julie Henson that employs Time, Life and Newsweek magazine covers and layouts to recontextualize our understanding of specific cultural moments over time.

The archetypal images employed are each reduced to a single color––cyan, magenta, yellow, or black––a reference to the four-color (CMYK) process often used in magazine printing. Each singlecolor image is then printed along with three others to make one new full-color print. This method allows the content and context of the original images to combine, creating a new, layered, interpretation of the events highlighted in the respective magazines.

For the Indie Grits Film Festival and the Columbia Museum of Art, Henson’s new series of images explore previous interpretations of the future as featured within the spreads of these major American magazines. These published images of the twentieth century span decades, collapsing various views of the future, while revealing a collective hope and aspiration for a greater tomorrow.

These works communicate the symbolic power of photographs, showing an incisive understanding of how images shape collective experience and the cultural memory of events, while also revealing the how our dated perception of the future can often be a key to better understanding the present.


Julie Henson is an artist whose work explores the interface between images and the structure of belief systems.

Recent projects have investigated a variety of modern icons and the power of images to disseminate information. These concepts have taken form by projecting televangelist promotional videos over sequined fabric; building a theatrical set that breaks down the theater’s fourth wall through a series of multidirectional props, walls and lights; and reconstructing the eye makeup of media celebrity, Tammy Faye Bakker. Each project investigates the role that image plays in the construction of an ideology by employing cultural ephemera.

Raised in Charleston, South Carolina, she received her MFA from California College of the Arts in 2011, after receiving her BA from the College of Charleston. Her work has been shown nationally, including the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas, in Austin, Fowler Arts in Brooklyn, New York, Redux Contemporary Art Center, in Charleston, South Carolina, Southern Exposure in San Francisco, and Scion Installation Space in Los Angeles.