Mechanical River

Date/Time: Saturday, April 19th @ 10:00 pm – Closing Party!
Place: Nothing To See Here (1217 Taylor Street), Columbia, SC 29201
Playing with: InfinitiKiss
General Admission: Free

Mechanical River is exactly that, a mechanism in which sounds flow out into the basin of young ears, calculated by the musical machine that is Joel T. Hamilton. We are still not quite sure if he is man, machine, or both, but in regards to his percolating aphrodisiac-like tunes, the only hoot we care to give is that we’re not letting him slip from our death grip anytime soon or later down the river. This young Frankenstein produces a sound from the cornucopia of musical nic-nacks that he’s acquired over the years. The end result is a pulsating and rich wall of sound aiming to guide your hips to gyrational glee. If you haven’t had a chance to see the man himself, live, possibly consider looking into some real estate near Hamilton’s home base in Charleston S.C.