Media Workshops

Our Media Workshops are process-oriented sessions aimed at giving students a hands-on glimpse at the process of media production. This involves developing a vision, coordinating a workload, and executing the production of their chosen media work–all in collaboration with a group. Instructors will work with groups one-on-one to guide them along as they bring an idea into reality.

Instructors are equipped with a mobile media studio that includes cameras and editing stations. Instructors can accommodate a wide range of group sizes both on-site at the Nickelodeon Theatre or off-site at your location.

Example Programs

Green Screen Improv

An interactive improv workshop mixing the tech side of movie magic with theatrical flair. Giving students the opportunity to witness the process of chroma key compositing, this workshop asks students to think on their feet in an improvised comedic scene. Includes an overview of the tenets of improvisational comedy as well as the fundamentals of post-production special effects.

PSA Workshop

A video production workshop that explores the creation of public service announcements, or PSAs. An important aspect of this course involves advocacy, citizenship, and the importance of defining a target audience, a message, and the implications of that message being communicated. Works will feature subject matter including — but not limited to — food, health, bullying, and social issues. Check out an example of one of these videos above!

*We are also open to working directly with teachers to create unique workshops.

To Register

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