Michael Parallax

Date/Time: Wednesday, April 15th @ 8:00 pm – Opening Night Party!
Place: Columbia Museum of Art, 1515 Main Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Playing with: HectorinaHelado Negro
General Admission: Free
michaelparallax3 Michael Parallax is a spirit of many crafts. Musician, lyricist, print-maker, collage artist, installation designer for his stage sets, and one heck of a performer. All of these talents come together in a ridiculously magnificent way that if we were an evil dark lord, we’d surely keep him locked inside our Nickelodeon office and have him perform 24/7. Described as Pop Spiritual Revival Tent Music, his last show in New York saw him lead an army of audience members out into the streets. Take a look at his bandcamp where you can find more than enough songs to jam to on your way here! Because we already told Michael you’re coming.