Artist Residency Program

Indie Grits is bringing 20+ artists from across the Southeast to Columbia to rethink our public spaces, push social and visual boundaries, and challenge our festival-goers to experience Future Perfect, our 2015 festival theme. Seven of these artists and one art collective will make work in our artist residency program. Working closely with festival organizers, community partners, local businesses, and citizens the resident artists are tasked with transforming our festival and leading the Future Perfect charge!

These artists are investing big in Indie Grits. Their work starts before the festival — many of them visiting Columbia in weeks leading up to the festival to plan their projects and get to know the city. The artists will return for an extended stay the week of the festival, when their projects will unfold during Future Perfect at Indie Grits.  

Meet the 2015 Resident Artists!


Gabrielle Duggan — Atlanta, GA
Resound is a site-specific work that echoes the intimate and collective experiences uniquely enabled by cinema by offering a multi-sensory, shared experience The piece is a room-sized string instrument that combines primitive and industrial materials using timeless textile techniques and then amplifies the sounds made when strummed, plucked or otherwise played. Woven, knitted and crocheted metal and polymer-based wires, some weighted with anchoring elements to create tension, are connected to contact microphones that send sounds created from through speakers and into the space.

hollis_Hammonds_WEB3Hollis Hammonds — Austin, TX
Hammond’s piece is a site-specific installation created from Columbia’s junk and detritus — objects combined to create a new, sensory experience for viewers that often are tied to place, memory, and sentimentality. As technology, design, architecture and communities become “Future Perfect” (synthesized, modernized and techno-filled), we will long for the artifacts and stories from our past. Interactive art installations made from these objects create new works, while connecting us with our past.

The Institute for Wishful Thinking — New York, NY
The Institute’s Community Coloring Book experiment will test how talking about the future, using grammatical constructs unrelated to the present, leads people to make fewer future-oriented decisions and might also prevent the creativity needed to fathom solutions to the future’s pressing challenges. The testing ground is Indie Grits — where film’s power to transport viewers in time and space might also free us from our linguistic shackles making way for creative visions of the future. Festival goers will build and unbuild, shape and reshape Columbia’s past, present and imagined future through connecting-the-dots and coloring images from the city.


Trek Matthews — Atlanta, GA
Trek Matthews is a painter & maker currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a recent alumnus of Georgia State University, whereby he received Director’s Choice in the annual juried exhibition and first runner-up in the GSURC art’s division in his final semester. Trek has received extensive press in Atlanta and abroad for his mural work, as well as private commissions at The W Hotel Buckhead, Mailchimp, and more.


Paperhand Puppet Intervention — Graham, NC
The Paperhand Puppet Intervention is combining its cardboard creations with “Future Perfect” themes on display in the windows of Tapps. Using cardboard, paper, bamboo, old house paint and other found objects, the performers create works that aim to inspire and promote social change in performances for all ages. Paperhand also will perform during Spork and Hand Puppet Slam.


sleeper — Miami, FL
Reflections is a performative installation calling on the spirit of the sacred clown, a satirist, to highlight our culture’s relationship to new media. The piece is a futuristic take on the sacred clown and the subject of surveillance and self-documentation. The double standard we have created to cope with new media by outside forces has transformed us into the greater propagator.



Meg Stein — Durham, NC
Stein fuses the animalistic and the domestic in her sculptures, sometimes used in performances meant to unnerve the viewer and create dissonance between the man-made and the natural, between object and animal, and more. Her work attempts to disrupt the myth that our domestic lives are separate from the outdoors and from human impact on the environment.



Antoine Williams — Chapel Hill, NC
Williams draws heavily on science-fiction literature, which he sees as relating to the black experience in America, to investigate his cultural identity. Williams explores power and its relationship to social stratification. A mythology of deities — made out of animal illustrations, hand-drawn figures and found materials — personify the complexity within hierarchies of power. The deities, which are part of a mythos of Williams’ hometown, are inspired by his personal experience of a rural, working-class upbringing, and seeing childhood friends mutate into drug dealers and disappear into the streets.


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Indie Grits strives to provide the freedom artists need to experiment and take risks. Ideally, this residency should serve as a launching point for new ideas and directions. The Festival provides housing and a stipend for artists to produce work in and around Main Street in Columbia, South Carolina. Artists work closely with the Indie Grits creative team and receive free access to all festival events. With housing, as well as financial and administrative support, artists are encouraged to engage our community of musicians, filmmakers, indie gamers, and festival goers with unique and challenging projects.

For more information about the 2015 Artists-in-Residence program, or for info on how to submit for 2016 please contact the Indie Grits creative team by email at

In 2014, One Columbia partnered with Indie Grits to bring Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell to the Capital City as the Festival’s first resident artist. Amanda spent her time at Indie Grits working on two different projects–her installation piece SHTF and #wherethedesk. Click here to learn more about the 2014 Indie Grits Artist-in-Residence.