Ron Hagell

2015 Exhibiting Artist
Venue: Tapps Art Center

Artist Statement:

This is a Docu-Art Installation made with Hand Middle School students.

This project has two parts:

PART 1: An exhibition of artwork by the students designed to illustrate the theme “Future Perfect” or their idea(s) of what a perfect future might look like. These images may be portraits, landscapes, sculptures or abstract works based on their own concepts.

PART 2: A documentary film ( 30 to 40 minute loop ) featuring the students. The film will be mostly the students talking about their art projects by finishing at least one open statement about their ideas surrounding the theme of Future Perfect.


Ron is a media artist and retired university lecturer. Recently Ron has been teaching media practice at Royal Holloway – University of London, the Rhode Island School of Design and privately in Columbia, SC. His courses include screenwriting, filmmaking, acting and media art. He currently leads the Master Acting Track for the Trustus Apprentice Company and teaches screenwriting at the Tapp’s Arts Center.

Ron’s photographic and film work is related to social issues, portraiture, dance and narrative.

Ron holds an MFA in film and screenwriting from Columbia University and studied theater, art and photography at the UNC and American University.