Seth Curcio

Seth Curcio2015 Exhibiting Artist
Banner on the facade of 1538 Main Street

Artist Statement:

The Rover Project examines the physicality of NASA’s Curiosity rover, and the evolution of a technology driven by our desire to explore the unknown. Designed to offer us the ability to see and experience, from a first-person perspective, areas that are completely inhospitable to humans, these rovers provide access, via image, and give control to explore, test, and alter that which is out of our reach.

This series explores the machine within the experimental context of the testing laboratory. These fictitious renderings propose a radical alternative to the existing rover, which is bound by the constraints of current technology. Instead, what is offered is a constantly evolving machine that, unlike humans, is able to alter its physical state in order to overcome any obstacle. These new, hypothetical, rovers become a metaphor for our desire to explore the unknown, to move beyond the limitations of our own body, and to speed up the process of evolution and technological development in the pursuit of exploring a new reality.

For the Indie Grits Film Festival, Curcio will present an 8-foot tall by 12-foot wide commercial banner featuring a true-to-scale rendering of a Mars Rover. While populating outdoor areas frequented by drivers and pedestrians, the scale and placement of these prints draw a direction connection between the viewer and the rover, the present and the future, and the use of advertising strategies to promote the idea of a brighter future through the use of a particular product or technology.


Seth Curcio is an artist whose work explores the role of images in the construction of knowledge and experience. Often appropriating photographs that illustrate a place, object or experience that is witnessed only through photographs, his work addresses the notion of human limitation and the unknown. Working through collage, photography, and sculpture, his projects co-opt and fracture existing imagery to underscore the distance between the viewer and the original source.

Curcio’s work has been exhibited nationally, including Fowler Project Space in Brooklyn, The Lab in San Francisco, Cerasoli Gallery in Los Angeles, Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC, and Hampshire College in Amherst, MA. He has been a visiting lecturer at Stanford University, CA, Tulane University, LA, Indiana University, IN, Hampshire College, MA, and Weber University, UT among others. Curcio received his BA from the College of Charleston.