Stephanie Dowda

Stephanie Dowda2015 Exhibiting Artist
Venue: Tapps Art Center

Artist Statement:

Future sites of human development are proposed to be on the craters of the moon, portals under glass solariums on Mars, in the tops of trees with rivers of glacier water running beneath and perhaps under the hot waters as the earth surface heats and is unable to contain temperate weather. Most of our preoccupation with future human sites is with sustaining basic life functions—growing food, breathing, living comfortably within means. Once these obstacles have been achieved our need for art, music, film and theatre will emerge. Beyond Living is a project that explore five cultural institutions built to enliven new human living sites. Through a series of five take on architectural blue prints and free souvenir postcards, I will explore the potential interest of these new cultural centers to be built in our new found environments. Each engineer print will propose a possible building that can exhibit new art to the communities that will live in our new environments and new ways in which art of different medias will be able to be experienced. The postcards will reflect a tourist view of the place while allowing the audience to experience a future place.




Stephanie Dowda currently works in Atlanta Georgia. Stephanie dreams in color and believes the camera can capture the spirit that resides in the world. Dowda is a Studio Artist with The Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, a Hambidge Fellow, a Frontier Fellow with Epicenter, and a past resident of Cabin Time. Dowda frequently gives talks regarding her work to Universities, Public Schools and the public as well as professional workshops. Dowda’s work has appeared in Oxford American, ArtsATL, BurnAway, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Atlanta Magazine and more.