The New Nostalgia


Friday, April 21st at 2:00pm
Saturday, April 22nd at 4:30pm

The vulnerability of memory is a driving preoccupation for the filmmakers of The New Nostalgia, who work to capture fast-fading reminiscences, decaying landscapes, and a host of other all-too-brief moments and lives before they disappear entirely. With frank, funny, brutally honest work that embraces complex, nuanced feeling ahead of reductive logic and cheap sentimentality, The New Nostalgia is wistful for the unconventional and the obscure—for people, places, and moments that many would rather forget altogether. The emotional archeologists of The New Nostalgia excavate and disinter, drawing what we’ve dismissed or buried back into the fore of our consciousness.

In Stephen Crompton’s sun-washed documentary short Sweet Love, Harvard educated lawyer Alvin Bojar recalls his stint as a soft-core pornographer in 1970s New York City. Plodding past the immaculately manicured lawns and pastel-colored houses of his South Florida retirement community, Bojar resuscitates his dormant passion for scandal. Emily Harrold’s loose, intuitive documentary short Checkers in the Afternoon shifts from the personal to the political when a rambling afternoon conversation in the back of a South Carolina car wash transforms into a plaintive song for the plight of the rural southern worker. Indie Grits alumnus Remington Smith tames 35mm Monsters in this reverent documentary short, a sorrow-tinged study of a dying art form: threading a film projector.

Pained memories of a lost romance temper a postmaster’s love of roller skating in Nicole Triche’s quiet documentary short All Skate, Everybody Skate. German punk group Girls Zui Sade thumb their nose at this kind of tenderhearted expression in Jennifer Miville’s music video for “Sad Life,” a digital mashup of Internet age tropes. Matthew McFarling’s 16mm experimental short Bygone Barns explores a rural barnyard brimming with artifacts of a South long gone, while Rodrigo Dada’s experimental short Regreso splices home video footage with shots of a mysterious coast. Finally, local filmmaker Gerry Melendez tours the House of Saints alongside his documentary’s subject, Reggie Scott—a jazz aficionado still tormented by a crime from his past.


Sweet Love, directed by Stephen Crompton
35mm Monsters, directed by Remington Smith
All Skate, Everybody Skate, directed by Nicole Triche
Girls Zui Side – “Sad Life”, directed by Jennifer Miville
Bygone Barns, directed by Matthew McFarling
Regreso, directed by Rodrigo Dada
House of Saints, directed by Gerry Melendez
Checkers in the Afternoon, directed by Emily Harrold