Two Cities Public Forum

Participate in a community roundtable at the Richland Library North Main. Meet the 2018 Indie Grits Labs fellows and join a conversation about the past, present, and future of North Columbia neighborhoods.

Wednesday, November 29
at Richland Library North Main
5306 N Main Street
Free and open to the public

The newest project for Indie Grits Labs is “Two Cities.” The project will focus its activities in North Columbia, seeking to promote an open, inclusive, and welcoming dialogue through vibrant social events and original, place-based works of art with an eye towards social practice artworks, community collaboration and sustainability. By engaging artists and community members in a collaborative incubator, “Two Cities” is exploring how racial and socioeconomic factors define our experiences and interactions within our shared city.

In order to deepen community involvement, the project continues with a public roundtable and conversation at Richland Library North Main on November 29.

2018 Indie Grits Labs Fellows:

Yolanda Anderson, Mary Brebner, Michaela Pilar Brown, Mahkia Greene, Curtis Heru, Laura Kissel, Darion McCloud Storyteller, Rico McDaniels, Benjamin Moore, Betsy Newman, Roni Nicole, Josetra Robinson, and Tahirah Shakir