Valley Maker

Date/Time: Thursday, April 16th @ 8:00 pm
Place:  Music Farm, Columbia
Playing with: Say Brother, Elvis Depressedly, Bombadil, Can’t Kids, William Starr Busbee, Southern Femisphere
General Admission: $8 advance, $10 at the door
*FREE with a festival pass

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Have you ever heard a song that, by the first opening chords, you’re in love and you find yourself listening to an album on repeat for a straight week and posting about it on every social media platform? Yeah. Valley Maker is gonna floor you. Just listening to “By My Side (Everlasting Life)” once and you’ll be humming it in the shower. Austin Crane is the name you should know. His voice and light guitar strumming is the anthem to classiness and you can’t but help picture yourself in this ethereal realm. As soon as the song stops, you feel yourself being pulled back into your body as if you let your soul venture out. Crane was no doubt meant for singing and writing lyrics for mankind. Get ready to have your heartstrings plucked. visit